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Bear Ridge Golf Club is one of the finest courses in the area. Designed by PGA Tour Professional Peter Jacobsen and PGA Member Jim Hardy, the track boasts six sets of tees and is 7,478 yards from the tips. This, along with our well-appointed pro shop and executive restaurant, makes Bear Ridge a great golf experience.

Tees Yardage Course Rating Slope
Mens             Silver 7478 76.0 137
                       Gold 6749 72.5 130
                       Blue 6261 70.7 124
                     White 5674 68.3 115
                     Green 5157 66.0 111
Womens      Blue 6261 76.7 134
                     White 5674 73.5 127
                     Green 5157 70.6 122
Hole #1 | 437 yards | Par 4

Silver: 437;  Gold: 391; Blue: 364; White: 337;Green: 310

The opening hole is a dogleg right that plays downhill off of the tee and uphill on the approach.  A natural swale crosses the fairway 30 yards short of the green. The green is unguarded and features two large oak trees on the left-hand side.

Depth 35|Width 25

Hole #2 | 162 yards | Par 3

Silver: 162; Gold: 137; Blue: 129; White: 110; Green: 89

The second hole is the course’s shortest par 3. Three bunkers guard the right-hand side of the large green, which is framed by tall oak trees. The smart play on this hole is to aim the ball at the left side of the green and let the prevailing wind and natural slope work the ball to the right.

Depth 30|Width 25

Hole #3 | 460 yards | Par 4

Silver: 460; Gold: 423; Blue: 410; White: 381; Green: 267

This long dogleg right sweeps through the native hardwood forest. A large jagged bunker crosses the fairway well short of the green. A poor drive will leave the player with a decision to lay-up to the bunker or try to carry it. A grass hollow guards the left side of this big deep green.

Depth 34|Width 22

Hole #4 | 587 yards | Par 5

Silver: 587; Gold: 526; Blue: 499; White: 457; Green: 422

Take aim at the fairway bunker on this downhill tee shot. Also take a look at the breathtaking views of Waco. The second shot will test your accuracy. The landing area is pinched between the expansive lake on the right and a bunker on the left. The green is bunkered left and short while the right side juts out into the lake.

Depth 31|Width 27

Hole #5 | 212 yards | Par 3

Silver: 212; Gold: 189; Blue: 178; White: 159; Green: 135

This par 3 will play longer that it is advertised. Take one or two extra clubs to get up the hill. The prevailing left to right wind can push the ball into the grassy hollow short and right of the green.

Depth 36|Width 29

Hole #6 | 427 yards | Par 4

Silver: 427; Gold: 381; Blue: 343; White: 320; Green: 293

The drive should carry over the large mount on the left side to avoid the fairway bunkers on the right, setting up the best approach to the green. The right side of the green is protected with bunkers and wetlands.

Depth 33|Width 25

Hole #7 | 457 yards | Par 4

Silver: 457; Gold: 410; Blue: 379; White: 348; Green: 312

Take aim at the fairway bunkers on this downhill tee shot. Also take a look at the breathtaking views of Waco. The second shot will test your accuracy. The Green is bordered left and long by a hill and water on the right.

Depth 34|Width 27

Hole #8 | 577 yards | Par 5

Silver: 577; Gold: 520; Blue: 487; White: 464; Green: 454

The drive should favor the left side of this par 5 as the land naturally tumbles from left to right. The next two shots are straight uphill to a green nestled in live oak trees.

Depth 28|Width 32

Hole #9 | 482 yards | Par 4

Silver: 482; Gold: 431; Blue: 395; White: 357; Green: 330

This long straightforward hole, carved out of the forest, will be a test of accuracy and length off the tee and into the green. A bunkerless green allows approach shots to run on to the green. A trick left to right wind helps make this a difficult finish to the front nine.

Depth 35|Width 27

Hole #10 | 610 yards | Par 5

Silver: 610; Gold: 547; Blue: 514; White: 482; Green: 449

This demanding par 5, the longest hole on the course, features a lateral hazard running the length of the right side. Your approach shot must carry the creek that crosses the fairway in front of the green. Two bunkers on the right, one on the left, and yet another behind guard the green. The hillside left of the green extends into the putting surface creating dramatic contouring.

Depth 32|Width 25

Hole #11 | 453 yards | Par 4

Silver: 453; Gold: 404; Blue: 376; White: 346; Green: 315

The best position for the tee shot on this uphill par 4 is favoring the right side of the fairway. The green showcases bunkers left and mounds behind. the best approach is to run the ball on from right to left.

Depth 32|Width 29

Hole #12 | 407 yards | Par 4

Silver: 407; Gold: 377; Blue: 331; White: 291; Green: 267

This naturally beautiful, but challenging golf hole is the shortest of the par 4s. it requires accuracy from the tee and into the green. The green is shallow but accepting of a short iron approach shot. Don’t be short.

Depth 31|Width 32

Hole #13 | 426 yards | Par 4

Silver: 426; Gold: 385; Blue: 360; White: 315; Green: 296

This is the most open hole on the golf course and plays downwind. Surrounded by oak trees, the green is perched on a steep hillside. There are no bunkers, but the right side of the green is protected by a deep grass swale.

Depth 34|Width 15 (Front) 26 (Back)

Hole #14 | 216 yards | Par 3

Silver: 216; Gold: 210; Blue: 155; White: 145; Green: 138

A beautiful, downhill par 3 that plays differently depending on the tee you are playing. From the Championship tee, the hole plays downwind and requires a carry over a large pecan tree. The green is guarded by a bunker on the right as well as by a marsh to the right and behind the green. The other tees are a different strategy. A large bunker is situated in front of the green.

Depth 35|Width 24

Hole #15 | 419 yards | Par 4

Silver: 419; Gold: 376; Blue: 349; White: 306; Green: 279

This par 4, bordered by the Bosque River on the left, may be the most intimidating tee shot on the golf course. As well as the River, the fairway is tree lined with a creek on the right that crosses the fairway. The green is situated in a natural setting with a hillside encroaching from the right and the Bosque River on the left.

Depth 33|Width 27

Hole #16 | 515 yards | Par 5

Silver: 515; Gold: 471; Blue: 460; White: 400; Green: 387

It is possible to reach this par 5 with 2 accurate golf shots. The Bosque River continues its course down the entire length on the left of this hole. The tee shot, which should favor the right side, is downhill and carries over a limestone creek bed. Those who dare to get home in two will have to carry a second creek 100 yards short of the green. The green is well contoured with multiple levels. Beware of going over the green, there is a creek behind.

Depth 33|Width 29

Hole #17 | 201 yards | Par 3

Silver: 201; Gold: 181; Blue: 160; White: 140; Green: 108

The smart play on this par 3 is to work the ball from right to left. The Bosque River is to the left as well as a greenside bunker. The land falls away quickly behind the green. There is a grass bunker long to catch that aggressive tee shot.

Depth 36|Width 32

Hole #18 | 430 yards | Par 4

Silver: 430; Gold: 390; Blue: 368; White: 316; Green: 306

This closing hole will test your endurance and strength at the end of the round. The tee shot, playing uphill and slightly into a left-to-right wind, will need to carry a native area on the right.  Do not go right of the native area; a creek along the entire right side awaits all shots that are wayward. The uphill second shot plays over a creek bed and will require a long iron to a green guarded by bunkers on the right and left. This is a difficult finish.

Depth 38|Width 32






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